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June 24, 2011

Just wondering if anyone is still listening


Now I am

August 29, 2009

I have decided to mix up how I use this blog yet again.  Thats right, I am leaving you for another.  I have discovered Tumblr.  Though not a blogging platform in the way that WordPress is trying to be I think it is ideal for what I want to do, namely hightlighting photos, sharing links, misc other things.  And it looks really neat.

Really wanting to turn this blog into something more professional and yet not wanting to be burdened with nor abandon all the history that is in this blog, I’ve started another, professional photo blog for AjDele Photography.  My pro photo work is pretty much a side gig so this fits, its a portfolio (as soon as I load up some images), price and contact info place.  Thats what people ussually ask for, so that is what they shall get.

But here I will maybe put up a reflection every once in a while, more for me than for you, but you are welcome to read it too.

Waiting by the lake

August 23, 2009

RichEmilyWedding_1026 - Version 2 (1)

Its time to listen

August 16, 2009


All dressed up

August 10, 2009


Run to the water

August 4, 2009


Good things are cooking

July 26, 2009